Nut Butters!

Okay okay okay. This one does take some super special equipment, namely, a Champion juicer. My point here isn’t to sell you on one, but in case you have one, or have an aunt that never uses hers, dust it off, oil it up, and make yourself some nut butters!

It’s easy, inexpensive, and possibly more delicious than store-bought nut butters (or is that the sweet sweet flavor of self-accomplishment?). Homemade nut butters can also be more interesting than nut butters that come in labeled jars. For example, I really let loose when I ground two types of nuts together. Two kinds of nuts! Walnut and Almond—they equalize each other on the oilyness continuum.

Here’s the “recipe”:

Walnut-Almond Butter

1 part almonds

1 part walnuts

Push ingredients through a champion juicer, fitted with a “blank” instead of a screen. It’s a little thick to spread on wonderbread-like textures, so stick with things that can handle it, like apples, toast…spoons.